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Survivor and insight network

At Alpha Vesta we continue to aspire to be relevant and innovative.  It is through our Survivor and Insight Network that we are able to work closely with survivors, businesses, organisations, employers, professionals, workforces and communities.   Working and learning from people who have experienced or been impacted by domestic abuse to feed into future training and awareness campaigns. 

The Alpha Vesta Survivor and Insight Network offers the opportunity to share any lived experience and expertise in a variety of different ways.  Our focus is to provide a safe space for those impacted by Domestic Abuse to feel heard and the value of these shared experiences to go on to influence and help others.  They may have experienced domestic abuse directly themselves or been a work colleague, employer, member of the community, family member or friend.

Our Survivor’s Symposium forms the umbrella group of our network that sits across our Community Advocate & Employer Insight Group and our Survivors Empowerment Group.  The Symposium is made up of Alpha Vesta Ambassadors, Survivors of Domestic Abuse, Employers, Professionals in HR and Community Leaders. Collectively, the Symposium aims to identify relevant and clear areas of focus in order to gather insight and experience from our groups.  

It is the power of ground level insight that provides the opportunity to shape future best practice, better understanding of the complexities and with early intervention, the opportunity to save lives. 

Meet our Ambassadors

Did you wake pet?

an inspirational fight for survival…

  • Natalie’s story will inspire you; as despite her life changing immeasurably, she has gone on inspire others in many different ways which she will share in her story.
  • Natalie campaigns around changing the narratives and stereotypes that we have around domestic abuse.  It really can happen to anyone.
  • She has gone on to become an expert in knife and gang crime where she speaks to young people in pupil referral units and schools around the reality of knife crime.

Our survivor and insight network Aims

  • Shared experiences will go on to inform future awareness and training sessions across communities.
  • Survivors and those with powerful ground level insight will have the opportunity to shape future best practice.
  • Sharing lived experiences will offer whole communities and workforces a framework to understand some of the complexities of domestic abuse for victims and survivors.
  • Early intervention saves lives – this is the opportunity to prevent domestic abuse homicides.


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