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Survivors Symposium

Where people who have lived the experience of the impact of domestic abuse are asked to feed into future training and awareness for employers and those affected by domestic abuse.

Led by Fiona Bowman MBA – Independent Corporate Domestic Abuse Consultant

Our Survivors Symposium is an opportunity to share your lived experience and expertise with others in a variety of different ways.  We are passionate about ‘Embedding Culture and Building Understanding around Domestic Abuse in the Workplace’ and are particularly interested in hearing from people that found their employment impacted in some way due to domestic abuse.  They may have needed to leave their job, found their workplace supportive, not supportive or just couldn’t contemplate even attempting to try and work whilst coping with domestic abuse.  You yourself, may have been affected or you may have been a work colleague or an employer who struggled to know what to do and how to help.

Your experience and story could go on to influence future training for employers and those affected by domestic abuse in the workplace.  You can do this confidentially by sending your thoughts and insight through to us at or in confidence talking to one of our specialist team.  We will support you to share whatever you want to share in the way you want to share it.  

Our regular Symposium Events bring together those with lived experience, survivors, employers, and specialists in a safe environment where some of these stories are shared by those that have been most affected and where we can build a better way of reaching those affected sooner.

Meet our Survivors Symposium Lead, Fiona Bowman

Fiona Bowman

Fiona’s Story


  • From the outside, her life looked perfect.

  • But going for a drink after work could mean a beating from her husband the next day. 
  • She stayed off work when bruises were obvious and felt too ashamed and frightened to confide in friends or family.
  • ‘I used to love Mondays, going to work, being the person I really was -not this victim who was being abused’
  • At one point I was going to throw myself in front of a train at Waverley Station. At the last moment I stopped and thought there must be more to life than this.


Did you wake pet?

From the cupboard to the city……..’

  • After a particularly violent incident when Fiona was forced to tell her Manager, things took a surprising turn.
  • They got her a job in London, covered her tracks – and Fiona left with just a suitcase.
  • She said: ‘That was what saved me. They gave me time off to see a solicitor and sort things out. The leaving was hardest’.
  • Fiona’s subsequent successful career and campaigning has earned her enormous respect and admiration from within the corporate sector as well as the domestic abuse sector


Our Survivors Symposium Aims

  • Let’s stop allowing domestic abuse to reach crisis point before we find interventions.
  • Let’s use employers and workplaces as a place where early intervention can occur.
  • Let’s reduce the nervousness of businesses to encourage disclosure and to use business structures and resources to assist domestic abuse victims and survivors.
  • Let’s hear good and poor experiences so that we can change the future for others.
  • Let’s understand why many businesses won’t engage with domestic abuse awareness training.
  • Let’s produce a body of good quality, well evidenced research to be used in decision making of the future.


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